Application Process

Once you have selected the home you want, it is necessary to apply to lease the home.  Applications can be picked up at the office, faxed to you or completely filled out from this website below:

Online Lease Application

or Call 661-726-7335 to reach our Prospects Hotline.

No one under 18 can apply as a party to a residential leasing agreement.  To be considered, an application must be completely filled out and have an original signature if not filled out online.  Signatures on faxed copies are accepted.  Our property managers are available Monday through Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  to answer questions and assist with the application process at 661-726-7335.

DRI Holdings Inc. Tenants

DRI Holdings Inc. is experienced in renting to all types of tenants including tenants who have been approved through a subsidized rental program,  including but not limited to, LA County Section 8 Housing Authority Tenants, Transfer(Porting) Section 8 Housing,  Foster Care Parents, Disabled Subsidy Programs, and many other programs.  Tenants who are subsided through a rent program are not subject to the income and credit requirements below, but have special requirements that allow easier access to their new home.

Application Fees

There is a non-refundable application fee of $35 for single individuals or $70 for married couples.  The fee is to cover our screening and processing cost.  If non-married individuals apply, or we can not pull a joint credit report, each individual signing on the lease must pay a separate $35 fee.

Most applications can be processed in one day.  The holding deposit is $200 if you would like to hold a home.  This holding deposit holds the home for a maximum of two weeks.  If the applicant completes a lease and rents the home reserved, the $200 holding deposit is applied toward the total move-in deposit.  The holding deposit is only refunded if the application is not accepted within two weeks due to DRI Holdings Inc. decision to not rent the home to you.

Income Requirements

If the tenant does not belong to a subsidized rent program such as Section 8, the applicant’s income should be at least three times the rental amount.  As part of the screening process we verify employment references and salary.  For self-employed and non-employment income we verify sources and amounts.  Examples of verification of non-employee income are:  tax returns, bank and business references, government documents.

The Screening Process

The screening process includes running a credit report on individuals and a joint credit report on married couples.  If approved, applicants with recent bankruptcies and/or credit problems are required to make advance rent payments.  Please discuss any questions or concerns over credit and/or background requirements with one of our property managers before submitting the application.

The screening process includes obtaining previous landlord references.  If the applicant is a homeowner and does not have a prior landlord, a realtor or property manager reference is usually sufficient.  Our property managers can assist applicants in choosing an appropriate reference for their prior living circumstances.


Pets are often negotiable.  We typically allow pets under 20 lbs.  Ask one of our property managers if pets are negotiable for the home being applied for.  Pets are accepted or rejected based on the homeowner’s discretion.  All applications with a pet must have an appropriate pet reference from someone that has knowledge as to the condition of the property where the pet has previously resided.  Prior landlords and/or realtors are examples of appropriate pet references.

The Finish Line

Once the application is accepted the applicant must execute a residential leasing agreement within five days.  This can be done in the office, by mail or by fax.  If the application is accepted, and the applicant does not enter into a residential leasing agreement, the application deposit can be forfeited and the property placed back on the rental market.

The Lease Application is available for you to fill out online.  Click on the link below.

Please complete all information on the form or as much as possible.  If you have any questions, please contact us at 661-726-7335.

Thank You!

The DRI Holdings Inc. Management Team