Business Overview

At DRI Holdings Inc. we are committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations.  We prove it by letting the numbers speak for themselves.  We have purchased real estate investments for over 15 years and have closed on more than $100 million dollars worth of real estate in the Lancaster & Palmdale (California) areas. We currently managed over 500 homes to qualified tenants with a 98.5% collection rate and a very low turnover rate.

We specialize in renting detached single family homes in excellent condition to Section 8 and Non-Section 8 Tenants.  We are a highly recommended Landlord by the local section 8 Housing Chapter for over 10 years running.

The DRI Holdings Inc. has extensive knowledge of the market and is lead by industry professionals who are certified property managers with years of industry experience. The DRI Holdings Inc. does not only collect the rent and pay the bills, we are a comprehensive property management company which will strive to perfection by implementing our necessary services when managing your investment property.

Our success is contributed to our experienced work force, customer services and business ethics which stand above our competitors.